A Small Sample of Projects

Project 1: Report on Tapping the Power of Digital Marketing

This was a report prepared in 2017 for a company that wanted to avail of the Capacity Development Grant offered by the Government of Singapore for developing digital marketing capabilities.

 The company was engaged in designing products that were marketable in the Singapore market, getting these made in China, and selling them through brick-and-mortar shops in Singapore.

 The report was prepared after extensive research into competitor marketing practices.

Project 2: Long Article on the Topic of Making Money with Airbnb

This is a long (nearly 3500-word) article on Airbnb written for a client who wanted it to be titled “the most comprehensive guide on the planet.” Writing it involved extensive research. The article was written three years ago and might need updates to make it current. Please don’t use it now as a definitive guide! 

Project 3: Blog Post on the Value of LinkedIn Analytics 

The client wanted a series of blog posts on different topics to showcase his expertise in relevant areas. I did a detailed research into LinkedIn Analytics and wrote the attached report. Click this link to access the piece.

 Project 4: Press Release for a Professional Services Firm

Use Your Plant & Machinery to save on the Tax you Pay

“The term, Plant & Machinery, includes fixtures on your buildings,” says [spokesperson] of [company]. “These fixtures might be eligible for capital allowances, even if they were created long ago.”

It is a surprising fact that many building owners are unaware of the substantial amounts they can save by claiming capital allowances on certain building fixtures that tax authorities classify as Plant and Machinery. Commercial properties that generate revenue, and pay tax on profits, can benefit in a major way by identifying the specific fixtures so classified, and claiming capital allowances on their value.

 Studies have revealed that owing to ignorance on the part of taxpayers, huge amounts of eligible allowances are remaining unclaimed. If you own any kind of commercial property, you could be in for a big surprise if you approach a qualified valuation expert who is also familiar with the provisions of the Capital Allowances Act 2001.

 The “Plant” part of Plant & Machinery can cover many surprising items, including toilets and kitchens, removable floor covering, emergency lighting, and much more. The key requirement is that the items should fall under the category of “apparatus used for carrying on a business.” Even expenditure on renovation and refurbishments might be eligible for deduction from your taxable income, thus reducing the income and saving you substantial tax money.

 You need to be aware not only of the bare provisions of the Capital Allowances Act but also of the complex interpretations given by courts to these provisions through decided cases to know the amounts you can claim. Additionally, you also need to be a valuation expert to put value on items that have become an integral part of the building.

 What lends urgency to the issue is that you might not be able to make “back” claims for expenditures incurred long ago unless you act quickly. The Finance Act of 2012 has introduced changes that effectively put a time limit on claims. Considering that eligible fixtures can even have a value that is 30% of the total building value, one can imagine the amount of tax savings one might be losing if claims are not made in time.

 Businesses in the UK have been affected by the economic recession in a major way. Anything that can reduce their cash outflows cannot but be welcome news to them. It is in this context that the tax-saving potential of Capital Allowances will interest the numerous small and medium businesses that are not yet aware of the possibility, or how to take advantage of it.

 It is important to emphasize that you need valuation expertise to make correct Capital Allowance claims. It is difficult to value fittings that have not been accounted for separately but have instead been included as part of the building construction costs. Tax authorities do not take kindly to overvaluation and excessive tax claims.

 On the other hand, if the items are valued in a way acceptable to tax authorities, and claims are made according to the formula they have prescribed, you can legally save substantial amounts in tax. Which SME will not welcome that prospect?

About the Author: [Designated company person] is the Managing Director of[live link to the company], who specializes in Capital Allowances. You can contact him at:  [phone number] or email him at [email address]


My client was a real estate intermediary, who wanted to help a real estate entrepreneur promote real estate properties. He came across the angle of using a press release to call attention to a tax benefit that was not well known. I researched relevant tax provisions and created the press release reproduced below (that was in 2013). 

Project 5: Short AdWords Campaign for a Consulting Firm 

This was a short Google AdWords campaign between Dec 2012 and Jan 2013 for a one-person business consultant. I created the landing pages and ads and managed the campaign. The short one-month campaign generated over 400 clicks, with nearly 10% of them contacting the advertiser. The campaign was stopped as the leads exceeded the service delivery capacity of the advertiser. 

Project 6: Display Ad and Social Media Post Copy

This was a graphic I created to be used as a social media post and display ad. The target group consisted of people who loved nature and softer colours, and the graphic caters to these preferences. The ‘tagline’ at the centre will attract the attention of the target group. It also includes a special offer and a Call-to-Action link.

Project 7: Complete Financial Model for a new Venture

This financial model was created as part of a business plan.  The model estimates the following:

You can change the assumptions and the changes will be immediately reflected in the main estimates above. Excel formulas make this possible.

 I have selected a very small project as the goal here is to indicate the financial modeling process I use, and also to minimize complexity. Click the Open in a new tab link to see the whole sheet.

Financial Model Example