About the Consulting Services

About the Consultant

Experience provides insights into what works and what is not likely to work. But experienced persons can become obsolete unless they keep up with emerging scenarios.

I left a top position as financial controller of a medium sized company to work as a computer applications developer when computers began to get mainstream.

And when my development platform began to get obsolete in turn, I moved to the World Wide Web, and picked up website development.


1964: Qualified as a Chartered Accountant

1965: Started career as the accountant of a company engaged in steel fabrication contracts. In that position, I re-designed the accounting, contract billing and inventory control systems, as outlined on Project Samples page.

1969: Joined a reputed public accounting firm and gained experience in tax consulting and company audit work. Also got exposed to business operations in very different types of industries.

1975: Passed the post-Chartered-Accountancy Management Accounting exam as the best candidate in the country.

1975: Joined as Internal Audit Supervisor in a large organization abroad. The organization was using an IBM Mainframe for accounting work, and I had my first exposure to computers.

1979: Returned an joined a medium sized Power Cable Manufacturing company as Advisor to Chief Executive. Work involved reviewing the operations of several manufacturing units belonging to the same group. Helped the company raise a few millions in funding from a consortium of premier lending institutions. Was re-designated as Financial Controller.

1984: Completed two courses, one in computer programming and the other in Advanced Business Management.

1985: Started on my own as a computer applications developer. Designed, developed and implemented 50+ custom applications in practically all business result areas over the next decade and more.

2003: Picked up HTML and website development using resources available on the web and started researching and writing web content for online businesses in different countries.

2006: An experimental, non-commercial website I developed achieved top ranks in all major search engines of the time, and was sold for a good price.

2012: Completed Google AdWords Professional Certification and gained insights into digital marketing.

2012: Started small business consulting work helping entrepreneurs with their financial control, fundraising and online marketing efforts. 

2022: Took a break and worked on consolidating the findings from experience so far, and refining the consulting services delivery.